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Landscaping Products

Welcome to our landscaping products page! We have everything you need from wood to stone, to pavers! Take a look below. 

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Get premium landscape mulch featuring dyed year-round color in whatever amount you need from a wheelbarrow to a truckload.

  • Chocolate Mulch – premium dyed year round color
  • Red Mulch – premium dyed year round color
  • Black Mulch – premium dyed year round color
  • Gold Mulch – premium dyed year round color
  • Triple Process Hardwood Blend – Doesn’t disintegrate as quickly


Get premium topsoil, compost, compost mixes or fill dirt for use in your landscape projects. Topsoil is sold by weight is free from rocks and clay. Our low priced fill dirt is perfect for filling in large holes on your property or construction site.

  • Topsoil
  • Compost – Garden Mushroom Mix
  • Economy Priced Fill Dirt

Sand & Gravel

Get all natural decorative landscape gravel and sand for use in your landscaping projects. Available in small quantities or in bulk.

  • Sand and Gravel Types:
  • Crushed Limestone – Crush and run
  • Decomposed Granite – Reddish or Brownish
  • Red Rotten Granite
  • Pond Rock and American Heritage (similar to River Rock)
  • Pea Gravel
  • Limestone – From chips to boulders
  • Compacting Limestone
  • Play Sand
  • Torpedo Sand – more rocky


Get superior quality firewood at a great price that is locally sourced in Illinois. Our firewood is fully seasoned, USDA approved for use in restaurants and is safe to transport throughout counties under quarantine for the Emerald Ash Borer.

We offer various types of wood available in five different sizes of cords.

Firewood Types:

  • Oak Firewood
  • Cherry Firewood
  • Hickory Firewood
  • Mixed Firewood (a mixture of Oak, Hickory, Maple, Cherry, Elm and Birch)

Firewood Sizes:

  • Full Cord – 24’ width x 4’ height, 16” to 18” deep
  • Face Cord – 8’ width x 4’ height, 16” to 18” deep
  • ½ Face Cord – 4’ width x 4’ height, 16” to 18” deep
  • ¼ Face Cord – 4’ width x 2’ height, 16” to 18” deep
  • ⅛ Face Cord – 2’ width x 2’ height, 16” to 18” deep

Cooking Wood

  • Cherry
  • Apple
  •  Oak
  • Hickory

Brick Pavers

Get high quality brick pavers for your patio and landscaping projects. We offer you any number of pavers you need, from large orders to single mismatched bricks and one offs to replace broken bricks in your existing landscaping.

Besides offering affordable brick pavers, we can also design and build patios, firepits, walkways, and outdoor kitchens for you.

Landscape Stone

Get a variety of natural stone from local and regional suppliers. We offer you over 50 types and colors of natural decorative stone for use in your landscaping project. Gray slate, White marble, Desert sunset, Lava, Arctic rainbow, Mountain blend, American heritage, and a lot more! We also design and install landscaping projects from patios to walkways and water features.

Sold by tons or weight:

  • Flagstone and Garden Stones
  • Natural Decorative Stones – Over 50 varieties of type and color
  • Outcroppings
  • Boulders – All sizes

Ready Mix Concrete

Our Ready Mix Concrete is available for delivery in small or large quantities. All you need to do is pour and spread! It is a combination of Portland cement, water, sand, and stones. 

  • Mixed before it arrives at a job site
  • Delivered using a rotating drum trailer
  • Good for job sites where there is not room to mix concrete and when only small amounts of concrete are necessary